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Multistream Technologies

Our mission is to recreate the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness through innovation

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We're great at designing solutions

Multistream is an African technology focused company focused on providing technology solutions to businesses in different sectors: Education, Oil and Gas, Finance, Healthcare, Cyber Security. As a company, we believe in creating value for businesses and providing business solutions that can revolutionize growth and transform Africa Tech one space at a time. We meet our clients at the point of their needs, working with them every step of the way as we journey towards a new future.


We research and understand a problem


We go on to crafting an efficient solution.


We solve that problem; making sure it stays solved.

Core Areas

Our strong enthusiasm for technology and what it can achieve for your business is backed up by an overriding ethos of transparency and fairness.

Educational Technology

We develop and deploy technology-enhanced solutions to teaching and learning challenges; design, develop, and integrate academic technology applications.

Cyber Security

With a focus on balanced security, cost and usability of IT systems, our innovative security engineering services help define, develop and demonstrate technology solutions to protect you from security threats.

Asset Tracking & Management

Our solutions will lower your administrative costs, streamline your business services, improve your customer service, and allow you to scale your business upwards with ease.

Do you need a Learning Management Software?

Choose ProdigyLMS

Our solution focuses on - Helping Learners Learn Better, Teachers Teach Better and Administrators Manage Better.

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    Cross-platform Compatibility

    ProdigyLMS is built to run seamlessly on any type of device.

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    Safe & Secure

    Our client's privacy and security is our topmost priority.

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    Client Support

    We offer quality long term (technical) support to all our clients through and across various media platforms.

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